Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano
Sultan Hashmi
(All - E - Rasool Ghouse - E - Zaman)
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We have the pleasure to work with a number of contributors who have contributed their time, efforts and money for the development of Darbar-e-Alia (Shrine).
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Photos of visitors at Shrine & custodians visit photos during their visits to the different religious places
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Brief About Hazrat Syed Sakhi Shah Deewano Sultan

Birth and family: Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Shah Deewano Sultan [May Allah be pleased him] has been a prominent Saint of the Sindh, Pakistan.He was born in 581AH. In Yemen. His father's name was Emperor Syed Hussain Shah. They are known as emperors as they were rules of Yemen.His pedigree links with Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (r.a) His father inherited Kingdom.

King: Shah Deewano Sultan (SDS) was still a 24 years old when his father left for eternity, and he became king of Yemen. He ruled Yemen justly and generously. One night Holy Prophet (s.a.w) gave the good news (Basharat) in a dream.He gave up kingdom and adopted common life and at once left for Madina accompanying with Syed Sakhi Ismaeel Shah who had been advisor during his kingdom and later became his devotee and follower.Hazrat Syed Sultan Abdul Magees-ul-Maroof Syed Shah Deewano [May Allah be pleased him] Stayed in Madina for 6 months.Holly Prophet (s.a.w) again gave him good news (Basharat) for going to Sindh to serve the people and peach the message of peace, right and goodness. It came to know through

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URS Mubarak
  • 777th Annual URS MUBRAK 2009
  • 771st Annual URS MUBARAK 2003
  • 775th Anuual URS MUBARAK 2007
  • 773rd Annual URS MUBARAK 2005
  • 780th Annual URS MUBARAK 2012
  • 774th Annual URS MUBARAK 2006